What Constitutes ‘Truth’

Cy Monn’s controversial ebook on gay lifestyles is one that will bring comfort to the believing Christian but is guaranteed to provoke the ire of all those who do not subscribe and live their lives according to his biblical frame of reference.

The book leaves the reader with little or no doubt about Cy Monn’s “fundamentalist” opposition to the growing support for LGBT communities around the world.

Overall, it is a smooth, interesting and informative read. Its style is crystal clear, as are the arguments presented in the essay, titled Many Shades of Gay.

What is obvious is that Monn is writing within a normative order where there are inerrant truths. For many in this rapidly changing world, those “truths” are not self-evident and therefore they are open to debate and subject to strong criticism, even fierce condemnation.

Others, less dogmatic about what constitutes “truth,” may buy into some of the arguments presented in the essay but balk at others.

One surprising revelation of the essay is that being humanist is not necessarily a good thing. Who would’ve thought! The term, is seems, has negative connotations. According to scripture, of course.

Whether Monn makes the case successfully for caution in embracing the label “humanist” is a matter best left to the individual reader. For my part, I have absolutely no problem with the term.

What’s certain, reading Cy Monn’s DeLight of DARKNESS will leave you challenged whatever your religious affiliation and even if you have none.

Given the on-going debate about LGBT rights, and indeed about what constitutes civilization itself, the book is well worth a read.

Christine Thriller

A Call to Purity

In the ebb and flow of life, disappointments, happiness and heartaches, we often find ourselves in states of vulnerability leading to choices we forever regret or may, ironically, secretly cherish. One such occasion visited Faith Honore as she acted upon childhood fantasies of female-to-female pleasure garnered when she peeped through a crevice into her neighbors’ adjoining living quarters. This set alight a wondering eons later, at which time she regrettably embarked into this world of sexual exploration.

Cy Monn uses this as platform to examine the rise of the now legislated gay lifestyle as it corrupts the moral fiber of today’s society. He unleashes a shot across the bow at Christians, beckoning a return to moral standards exemplified by the life of savior Jesus.

DeLight of DARKNESS summons a call to intelligent choices as one traffics through life, even offering redemptive hope for the shortfallers and transgressors. He promises life after indulgence.

This text advances the Bible as the handbook for successful living, but one should be mindful that it is often the recourse for the unscrupulous.

In light of Church failings - homosexuality, pedophilia and the like - this work must not be misconstrued as emblematic of the words fallen Christians write to themselves after enjoying the pleasures of life which they have unsuccessfully navigated, yet thoroughly enjoyed.

This can fundamentally become a guilt compulsion born of, or mothered from, a guilt complex, not someone essentially seeing the error of his or her ways, bearing witness, and requesting and hoping for forgiveness and redemption. Cy Monn’s commentaries straddle these worlds and should hope to expand this discourse in a more abundant text. An opening salvo, it surely is!

S. Plata

That LGBT Agenda

This is a truly enlightening and objective discourse on the issues contained in the LGBT agenda.

The book starts with a true confession and moves into a well-researched and comprehensive analysis of the issues surrounding the gay lifestyle. It is a bold, fearless treatise on all aspects of the LGBT agenda, including the role of humanism in promoting ever expanding sexual identities.

The biblical perspective in relation to this discourse is well placed in order to bring balance to this remarkable work.

This is a must read for young, inquiring, impressionable minds!

Winston Millett

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