About the Book

When it comes to the gay lifestyle, the world says today’s Christians are woefully outdated and bigoted in their thinking. They are social dinosaurs who, it seems, are nervous about their own sexuality.

There are many truly challenging questions which require thoughtful answers from Christians when grappling with this issue. Questions such as:

  • Am I wrong to regard and treat the gay lifestyle as a social abnormality?
  • Am I being unchristian, cruel and unjust to reject the practice of homosexual and lesbian sexual relations? As such, am I really lacking in genuine compassion?
  • Should I hold fast to my biblical position or should I compromise and change with the world?
  • On this issue, who should I trust? God or man?

DeLight of DARKNESS, a Christian e-book written by journalist Cy Monn, examines the subject in a comprehensive manner. It is a must-read for Christians who are wrestling with their consciences in trying to determine whether they should or should not support the changes in attitudes that are occurring almost everywhere.

The aim of this biblically-based work is to encourage careful reflection on the significance of the growing acceptance of gay lifestyles and the spiritual and social dangers that creates. Given the ever-increasing support for those who are gay, even within the Church, from pastor to priest and pope, it seems fitting, if not necessary, for the alternative view on this matter to be persuasively presented at this time.

Apart from its preface, DeLight of DARKNESS comprises two parts, with the common thread of sexual immorality and its by-products connecting them. The main body of the work opens with the true account of a same-sex female relationship. That account provides a vivid and practical illustration of the personal, social and spiritual problems spawned by such behavior. Those problems are further elaborated in the essay which completes the work. The far-reaching implications of such relationships and their related problems are thoroughly dissected and discussed in the essay.

The essay touches on all the key relevant talking points that have been advanced by pro-gay activists to justify and normalize gay lifestyles. The divine logic, if you will, of the Bible with its focus on supernatural truth, along with other social and scientific insights, is used to challenge secular justifications for those lifestyles.

As a Christian, you have to determine whether you should abandon the Bible and follow worldly counsel and enlightenment instead. Given present circumstances, do you stick with the Bible and remain steadfast in your opposition to what the Word unequivocally condemns as “abomination” while the world condemns your attitude as abominable?

In today’s world, you cannot duck the issue! You must provide some reasonable justification for your biblical stance on the matter. You should therefore buy DeLight of DARKNESS. It’s only $4.99, a giveaway price really, and read it. This well-researched and well-written e-book will be an invaluable input into your decision-making process.

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