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About the Author

I am Cy Monn, a Christian of long standing and author of the e-book, DeLight of DARKNESS. I am primarily a non-fiction writer, with a strong background in print journalism and a passionate interest in social history.

As an experienced journalist, sometimes short-story writer, and a true believer in the existence of a righteous God who calls us to a life of virtuous living, it has been my privilege to be divinely inspired and guided to write DeLight of DARKNESS.

The book is being offered to Christian readers as a reasoned, comprehensive assessment of the LGBTQ way of life. It comes out of a place of sympathetic understanding that every life faces serious challenges. In responding to those challenges, it is my firm belief that the individual needs wisdom and courage, but also divine guidance, to respond appropriately. Standards of propriety and morality must be maintained.

Intended largely for the Church as the body of Christ, a body which appears to be drifting from its spiritual moorings, DeLight of DARKNESS is a reminder of the need for righteousness at both the individual and institutional levels. There exists, in my opinion, a healthy symbiosis between the two. Pollution in the one will cause pollution in the other.

Note well: Reader discretion is advised in absorbing the contents of this e-book. It contains strong biblical language and vivid forceful descriptions of the true and living God’s attitudes to the LGBTQ way of life.

I commend it to all those who have an interest in the Christian perspective on the rapidly changing sexual norms of the modern world.

To contact author by email, write to: iscymonn@gmail.com.